Exhibition: Wardian Case

Rokokorelevanz – Wardian Case

In his book "On the Growth of Plants in Closely Glazed Cases", published in 1842, Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward describes small greenhouses that function as a closed ecosystem. The exhibition in the Kersten Pavilion focuses on these terrariums, later named after Ward, which changed the world as unspectacular technical transport boxes, while lavishly designed Wardian Cases became fashionable accessories adorning Victorian living rooms. In the Kersten Pavilion, two Wardian Cases will be on display: a replica of a historical transport box and the designer's own design for an ornamental Wardian Case, which further develops Victorian models. It is the first joint project by Trees, Joep and Luc Merx. The concept for the planting goes back to the gardener Michelle Blass from Felsberg Future Lab.

Research, Exhibitions, Landscape, Architecture, Interior, Design, Art, Nature, Reality, Material, Textile, Luc Merx, Trees Merx, Joep Merx, Michelle Blass

Rokokorelevanz – Wardian Case

Trees Merx
Joep Merx
Luc Merx

In cooperation with/In Kooperation mit:
Felsberg Future Labs:
Michelle Blass, Oliver Sukrow, Holger Zinke

04/09/2022 — 30/11/2022
Open: Wednesday + Saturday. 3:00-5:00 pm.
04/09/2022 – 11:00 am

Kerstenscher Pavillon
Belvedereallee 1
52070 Aachen

Suported by:
DAE — Design Academy Eindhoven